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hey all [Sep. 6th, 2003|12:44 am]
Pagan Fire


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Hey everyone. I was just floating around Livejournal, looking around when I saw this community..at first I wasn't sure if I should join because I'm not Pagan...I don't know if I'm really anything..I don't consider myself Catholic but I do have some beliefs...which I'm WAY too tired to get into tonight..
I really just posted to say hello, what's up, I joined...and I will be writing later..^^;...sorry if that sounds blunt and mean...just been up since 8 a.m this morning and last night I didn't go to bed until 3:30 a.m...e.e;..SO! I shall be posting later..^^...I'm Off!

[User Picture]From: taliaiar
2003-09-08 02:52 am (UTC)
I'm sorry I didn't welcome you sooner. My name's Harmonie,....You are perfectly fine to join...I really wanted this community to be about religious acceptance...and also a place where people with spiritual beliefs on the pagany-witchish bent could be more open about it. I'd love to hear about your beliefs when you're not so tired...I'm in college, so I understand the 3:30 am bedtime.
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[User Picture]From: starrynightwind
2003-09-09 05:29 pm (UTC)

That's alright, in college, I KNOW you're constantly busy ^^. Thanks for the welcome!
This community was a good idea..I'll probably be posting soon..though I think this week will be a little hectic x.x;
Thanks again for the Welcome! ^^
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